Saturday, February 16, 2013

Like I was saying

After Skinny Man got his Valentine's Day goodies, I would share them here. 

But first I would like to show you the pretty flowers I revived because he did a great job picking out something he knew I would love:

I'm a lucky girl!
Here is what I made for Skinny Man.

He had mentioned he might like a tie blanket. After seeing fleece on sale at JoAnn's, my best friend helped me pick out the right amount of fleece. Skinny Man is tall and skinny. I wanted the blanket to be long enough for him at it was! Before I tied the blanket together, I sewed a special message inside on a scrap piece of fleece. From the outside, no one could see it, but he could find it and know where it was. 

Max helped me over winter break on this project.
I'm really sad I didn't snap a picture of the handmade book. Basically, I picked up some brown bags at the dollar store and 2 pieces of felt. Typed a few notes on note cards. Printed some pictures. Decorated the cover. I found this idea here, but I modified it and was very happy with the results. It was something simple, but I think he really liked it. I was worried he would find it girly and lame, if he did he kept it from me. I joked with him that he can read it every night before bed. 

After hearing that his lightening cable was tearing, I immediately knew something I could add a personal touch to something he uses daily. 

While this one was very easy to complete, it was very time consuming. I'm not complaining because it will help the cord stand up to everyday ware and I know he will get a lot of use out of it. He talked about getting a new cable earlier this week and I tried to differ him from purchasing one and ruining my plan. Luckily I think he was pretty surprised to see what I came up with for him. 

Since we would be seeing each other on Friday, he got his gifts from me when I "tried" to surprise him at school. I had told him I was stopping home first before leaving to pick him up when really I was already parked outside his building. My plan was working perfectly until he heard a siren in my end of the phone and then heard it go past him. It almost worked. Either way, I know he was very happy to see me. 

Even though it was well below freezing we made a stop at Red Mango tonight. Any fro-yo fans out there?

This girl is going to bed. Goodnight all!


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